Monday, September 30, 2013

Install Compact wireless driver in Ubuntu

 Install Compact wireless driver in Ubuntu


Hi Friends, 

Recently our friends got the some problem with wired & wireless
connection after the execute the following commands when new installation of
Ubuntu OS in our machine. Those are 

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade 

No Internet Connection in the rectangle area

The reason behind the problem is the version of the "Network Manager" will be changed after update. 
We can't stop updating the Network Manager version when we update.
after update it will not show the Wired connection icon in the task bar.

So, we can get the Internet connection by installing the "Wireless-compact" 
The Installation procedure is 

2.  Extract the wireless-compact by the following command.
        tar -xf (.tar.bz2.filename)
        tar -xf compatct-wireless-
        After execution of above command it will be extracted a folder name as compact-wireless with corresponding version.

3. Enter into the folder by using the following command
        cd  compatct-wireless-

4.  Run the script
        ./scripts/driver-select alx

5. Start the build process.
6. Installing the driver.
         sudo make install
          sudo make unload

7. Finally restart the machine.

  Thank you please feel free to ask queries and valuable suggestions.